Jenny's Canyon Snow Canyon, St. George Utah: My 4-Year-Old Nephew's First Hike! Yes, it's that easy!

In honor of my nephew's birthday, it's time to reflect on a little adventure we had in October. Happy Birthday to my favorite guy! (Look at that athlete-->).

First, let's discuss some logistics:

  • It costs $15 for non-residents to enter the park.

  • Once you are in the park, it's just a little way down and the parking lot is on the right-hand side.

  • This hike is about a 20-minute leisurely walk through mostly sand.

  • There is one point getting up the canyon that your little tyke might need help on, as the step is about the hip height of an adult.

I learned several things about my nephew and little tykes in general during our 20-30 minute adventure.

  1. He is of the generation where a 3 and half-year-old can take a better picture than most adults...scary, or awesome?

  2. He thinks peeing on rocks is the coolest thing ever. (This might be a good time to say there are no restrooms on this trail).

  3. You don't have to be an adult to appreciate the beautiful Creation we have been so blessed with.

4. He gets back up when he falls down-resilience! --->Sit back and try not to control or rush the's an adventure!! Let them explore, and learn what they think is cool from their level. Kids are resilient and if you let them try something hard and they don't succeed the first time, they will get right back up and try again.

5. Running in the sand is more fun than walking in it.

When you are done, get back in the car, continue into the park a very short distance, and on your left, there is a huge sandpit area (first picture). I would highly recommend kicking off the shoes and playing in it. Yes, dogs are allowed in this part of the park.

This picture of Jenny's Canyon does not do the view justice! Which in my experience can be said for most pictures. This is especially true when your friend says she can't show you a picture of her new boyfriend because "He just doesn't take good pictures, you'll have to wait to meet him in person". hahaha kidding...but you know it's true.

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