Chair Sit-&-Reach Assessment

This flexibility assessment is best suited for those who may have difficulty getting up and down from the floor.


  • A stable chair

  • A meterstick, ruler.


  1. Gather your client's height, age, and weight.

  2. Coach your client through a 10-minute warm-up.

  3. Place the chair securely against the wall.

  4. Sit near the edge of the chair so that the inguinal fold is parallel with the edge of the chair.

  5. Coach your client to keep one leg bent with the foot securely on the floor and the other leg should be extended forward with the heel on the ground and toe pointing up.

  6. Hold the ruler parallel to the extended leg, with one end resting on the toes and the other supported by your hand.

  7. Coach your client to exhale as they reach forward while dropping their head between their arms.

  8. Coach them to slowly reach with both hands along with the meter stick as far as they can towards their toes while keeping the hands parallel to the floor and even with each other.

  9. Be sure their knee remains extended, without hyperextending or bending to count as an accurate trial.

  10. Record the distance to the nearest 0.1cm

  11. Repeat 2 more times (Steps 6-10).

  12. Take the best value.

  13. Then repeat steps 4-12 on the other leg, 3 total times.



Haff, G. G., & Dumke, C. (2018). Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology, 2E. Human Kinetics.

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